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Children's Health and Chiropractic


Children's Health and Chiropractic


There are some people who will tell you that you shouldn’t bring a child to a chiropractor. They will tell you children don’t have back problems. BUT let me tell you why people DO bring their children in to the chiropractor. In one word WELLNESS.


Wellness is why they bring them. Just look at the overwhelming evidence. We have known for many

years that the nervous system controls the immune system. It only takes about the weight of a dime on a nerve to reduce the health of the nerve 60%. If the nerve is not healthy it loses its ability to function properly. If it doesn’t function the nervous system won’t be able to control immune response appropriately. As a result of this your body becomes susceptible to viruses and infections.


Clinical evidence reveals that children under chiropractic care have 50% less childhood illnesses (ear infections, sinus infections, tonsil and throat problems, etc.)


How safe is chiropractic for children… very safe. As a matter of fact one of the best ways to determine

how safe a healthcare treatment is will be to look at the malpractice rates. A chiropractors rate is approximately .008 of an orthopedics with the chiropractor having 3 times the amount of coverage. A treatment on a child is different than an adult treatment in a lot of ways, so don’t be mislead by someone who doesn’t know or understand what a chiropractors training requirements are and what it is that we

do to treat children. I have personally adjusted many children with great success. As a matter of fact the children are usually more anxious to get adjusted than their parents once they experience a treatment.


So look at the bright side, children under preventive chiropractic care are happier, healthier, and are not staying at home developing the same problems that their parents are suffering with. What have you got

to lose by having your child checked for spinal problems, a future of possible health problems and misery.




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