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Back pain is a condition that affects at least 80% of the population in some form or another. Whether itís in

the neck, upper back, middle back or lower back does not matter. The fact is people are suffering. That I am a chiropractor people have been taught that we are the foremost health care practitioners who deal with back pain. The simple fact that the spine is in the back means that we work primarily on the back does not make

us the most sought after physicians when your back hurts.


What makes us the number one choice are the results. Our treatment methods tend to fall along the lines of correcting the cause of back pain. Back pain can stem from many things whether itís mental stress to fatigue

to multiple physical traumaís. After almost 20 years in the Chiropractic field I have found that the most

common cause is an accumulation of events over oneís lifetime. This encompasses everything from physical traumas Such as falls, strains and impacts to mental and emotional stress to a buildup of chemical toxins. These

events cause stress to the nervous system and your body resulting in a condition called Subluxation.

Subluxation is a condition where a vertebrae or other joint in the body such as a knee or shoulder or cranial bones shift out of their normal position and irritate, twist, pull, or pinch the delicate nerves. This results in malfunction within the body which causes damage which in turn causes pain.


Back pain can also come from something called referred pain. This is where there is a problem somewhere in the body and the pain is felt in a different location. One example of this is a gall bladder problem resulting in upper right shoulder and shoulder blade pain in the upper back.


The fact remains though that Chiropractic is the number one treatment choice for back pain because it works and is safe. I always do a thorough consultation history, evaluation/examination including x-rays when necessary to make sure a patient qualifies for chiropractic care. If there is evidence that leads me to believe

That the cause of a prospective patientís problem is not a chiropractic one then they will be referred out to the appropriate professional. The patientís care is the primary focus in our office.


Some of the treatment options in our office can be found by clicking on the tab to the left. We only utilize

the most advanced and scientifically sound methods available to give our patients the best care anywhere.





For an appointment with Dr. Komsky, please call (813) 935-8300.


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