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Auto Injuries  / Sports Injuries


Auto Injuries


Based on overwhelming irrefutable evidence if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident you will have a spinal injury. The research coming out of the San Diego Spine Research Institute revealed that an impact as slow as 8 mph will cause the head to “snap” forward and back 2 times in less the ¼ of a second. As a result

 this damages the structures in the neck from the ligaments to the tendons to the nerves. Because of this the vertebrae (spinal bones) get shifted and misaligned. If not treated correctly this injury will heal improperly

and result in a lifetime of suffering. Statistically 88% of all people who suffered a neck injury in an auto

accident still had neck pain 10 years later. Is it a coincidence that 12% of the people who are injured in automobiles seek chiropractic care.


You see at 8 mph there is no damage to the car, so people mistakenly think they cannot be hurt. The bottom line is chiropractors are the best-equipped profession to evaluate and treat these types of injuries. A physical injury that results in misalignments of the spine is right in the center of the chiropractors expertise. We are

the number 1 health profession when it comes to correcting spinal alignment problems. Without spinal correction this type of injury will heal improperly with a lot of scar tissue and with a misaligned spinal column resulting in all sorts of nerve damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots. I have successfully managed all sorts

of injuries suffered by adults and children from auto accidents since 1990. If you ever find yourself or someone you know in a situation like this feel confident that we can help.


Sports Injuries


Getting injured while playing a sport is a common issue that needs to be dealt with today. The fact is a lot of people play some form of sport from football to soccer to tennis to golf. Men, women, children alike. When

 an injury occurs it usually involves either a joint in an extremity or the back.


If you injure a joint chances are you also suffered a misalignment of that joint. As a chiropractor who deals

 with sports injuries a lot I have been very successful in restoring proper joint alignment and function whether

 it be a foot, ankle, shoulder, or hand. I have been treating professional and amateur athletes from the world

 of wrestling, as the WWE’s chiropractor for the last 12 years, baseball, football, high school wrestling, cheerleading, figure skating, and golf. There are various methods from adjusting instruments to physiotherapy and supplementation that can be utilized to help somebody recover from the injury effectively.


Remember this is a physical injury that usually requires a physical form of treatment as a solution for a complete recovery.




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